a patronage ribeye

a patronage ribeye steak

Sometimes there is a lot of joy in an extremely complicated meal, where the love of the cook for their guests can be seen in the maximum effort taken to fill their bellies. Sometimes there is even more joy in strict simplicity.

flake salt

olive oil

butter - splurge and get better than commodity grade

wagyu ribeye

Take your favorite cast iron skillet, ridged or unridged we have seen both, and put it on high heat. Pat your steaks dry with a paper towel. Melt half of your butter in olive oil while you apply liberal amounts of flake salt to both sides of your ribeye.ย 

When your butter just starts to brown on the edges, gently place your steak down. Cook for 2 to 4 minutes per side, depending on the size of your pan and how rare you like your steak. Transfer the hot steak to your plate, grab a piece of crusty bread, and maybe pour a glass of wine.ย 

and more

  • nothing. there is really nothing more you can do here. many people like to add some garlic and rosemary and baste their steaks, or Julia Child used to hand-rub a little Lea & Perrins before salting, and three of the four of us would add pepper with the salt most days, but those wouldn't be strict simplicity to reward yourself for battling through a complex day. We would never judge you for adding anything but just know that our wagyu is ready to go as-is.

  • quick glance instructions

    1. heat cast iron or stainless to high
    2. pat dry then generously salt wagyu ribeye
    3. cook three minutes a side
    4. plate and enjoy

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