Hanger Steak | Fullblood or Patronage X Wagyu

Hanger Steak | Fullblood or Patronage X Wagyu

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Hanger steak cut of Wagyu, offered as either fullblood or Patronage X.

Wait, what's Patronage X? Good question. Most of our wagyu is fullblood - basically 100% wagyu (none of this "American wagyu" nonsense you hear about sometimes). Every now and then, we have the chance to bring you Patronage X wagyu, which is a crossbred (or F1) 50%+ wagyu and commands a more accessible price point. We think that's a pretty good deal, and we still love the marbling and the quality, but we'll never hide the difference. 

This cut is about 1-1.5 lbs

Remember, we only deliver in the Chicagoland area. Pick-up and drop-off information will follow purchase.

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